drive-thru headset: high audio quality, ultra light & confortable

Veovox closely cooperates with renowned research institutes, microphone manufacturers and end-users to develop innovative technologies and products able to deliver top quality voice recording even in very noisy environments.
Our audio devices are ideal for speech recognition applications and business communication systems for restaurants and other industries.

VEO-HM100 with audio feedback for full-duplex communications

the ideal headset to optimize communication in your restaurant

  • high quality voice recording in a noisy environment
  • optimal comfort even when wearing a microphone during long periods of time: ultra light frame available in 3 sizes
  • easy & quick adjustment: allows speakers and shift teams to be operational immediately
  • a microphone which remains in place when you are moving
Thanks to these characteristics your team works in better conditions and with an improved productivity.


Our VEO-HM100 headset features a cardioid polar pattern microphone with a very flat frequency response and excellent noise rejection which offers a crystal clear voice capturing in challenging environments.
The manufacturing process of the microphone includes an advanced injection molding process which brings robustness and water protection to the product.
It is available for connection to a smartphone, tablet or PC (3.5mm jack TRRS) or to professional audio wireless systems (Shure, Sennheiser, AKG).
Available in 2 versions: with or without audio feedback.