redefining communication & intercommunication in restaurants, QSR and drive-thru

With our Smart Communication System (SCS) we set a new paradigm for communication and intercommunication in restaurants:

High Quality Audio Devices for Clear Communication

voice activity detection & noise cancelling technology

Standard Communication Infrastructure for Flexible, Scalable & Affordable Solutions

Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth,…

Speech Recognition Technology for Hands-Free Operations

especially designed for noisy environments
The Smart Communication System works with Veovox AudioBox and Ultra Light Headset.
You can also use a selection of wired & wireless headsets (Bluetooth and DECT) of the market.

faster order processing

less errors in orders

better work conditions

increased customer satisfaction

open & scalable

  • ready for expansion (virtually no limit to number of AudioBoxes, vehicle lanes etc..,)
  • also with standard available equipment on the market (network, PC, WiFi, Bluetooth,…)

flexibility for operations location

  • system connected through Ethernet & WiFi: no location and distance constraints
  • possibility for internal and external (Internet) communication

easy installation & configuration

  • system deployed on restaurants existing infrastructure: network, PC, WiFi
  • less works, faster configuration and tuning than with current intercommunication solutions


  • complete solution cheaper than existing leading solutions
  • standard headsets (consumable items)
  • adapted to your needs and budget from small to large systems
With our speech recognition technology staff can trigger operations with their voice: call a customer lane (at the Customer Order Display) or a group (manager, kitchen, table service, …), put on hold, close communication, …

hands-free operations

simple/standard headset:
no need of buttons to trigger actions

no limit to trigger actions
"call line x", "call Kitchen", "one moment please"

more comfortable for staff

Veovox speech recognition engine is the perfect solution to offer productivity tools that help staff to perform the order processing&delivery by just speaking in the very noisy environment of restaurants.
To meet the requirements of other operations, our smart communication platform (SCS) integrates also other third party speech recognition engines such as Google and Microsoft and can integrate conversational AI solutions.

ultra light drive-thru headset


speech recognition AI technology