drive-thru audio smart speaker

Veovox closely cooperates with renowned research institutes, microphone manufacturers and end-users to develop innovative technologies and products able to deliver top quality voice recording even in very noisy environments.
Our audio devices are ideal for speech recognition applications and business communication systems for restaurants and other industries.

AUDIOBOX Industrial Smart Speaker

Our intercommunication audio device AudioBox is designed to be embedded with industrial IT systems and devices such Point of Sale (POS), Customer Ordering Station (COD) and Kitchen Display System (KDS).
Veovox AudioBox unique features:
  • components designed to be used indoor and outdoor (from -40 to 70 degrees, robust to water, humidity and dust)
  • microphone array with PDM digital microphones to ensure high audio quality
  • powerful embedded audio processing with beamforming, voice activity detection, noise cancelling technology and acoustic echo cancelation
Veovox AudioBox is made up of 3 components:
  • microphone array
  • electronic board
  • speaker
Veovox patented directional microphone array allows voice recording in noisy environments without the need of a headset:
  • it allows staff to speak to a Point Of Sale (POS), or a smartphone, tablet or PC
  • customers can speak in front of a self-ordering kiosk or a drive-thru ordering station
It is ideal when you need:

crystal clear communication with your customers at your drive thru

Integrated in your Customer Ordering Station (COD) the AudioBox allows crystal clear communication between your staff and your customers even in the very noisy environment of your drive-thru.
The AudioBox can also replace staff headset for communication in the restaurant. This brings a more affordable and comfortable solution in some environments.

order taking thru speech recognition

The AudioBox integrated with your Point of Sale (POS) and Veovox speech recognition technology allows staff to take orders by just speaking with the following benefits: faster operations, less errors, less stress and better hygiene.
Veovox order taking application can be used in QSR and Full Service restaurants.

order preparation thru speech recognition

The AudioBox integrated with your IT system and Veovox technology offers speech recognition applications for order preparation:
  • in the kitchen staff can communicate when products are ready
  • at the packing station staff can inform about the products they are picking up for delivery

applications for other industries

Our technology offers a high embedded computing power made up of various CPU and GPU cores (ARMs, DSPs, PRUs, …), a range of connectivity options, making it suitable for high performance processing needs at the source for a wide range of applications in challenging environments. These characteristics make it well suited for applications in other industries such as:
  • retail
  • metrology
  • security access (vehicle/peolple access)
  • quality control
  • vision