QSR & drive-thru optimization: the solution to speed up order delivery and improve accuracy

QSR brands need to be more and more efficient to handle the ever increasing demand, especially at the drive-thru. They require high performing solutions that enable them to take up the challenge of delivering orders quickly with no error, even at peak times.
According to the latest QSR Drive-Thru Performance Study, waiting time are raising due to increasing demand (drive-thru customers and picking up for home delivery) and menus becoming more complex.
The QSR Drive-Thru Performance Study also revealed that drive-thru accuracy has declined in 2019 after two-years improvement, with an average order accuracy of 84,4% (for a "very simple" command made of 3 items). Reasons to explain this trend are more complex menus, busier lanes, and the drive thru's emphasis on speed.
Accuracy is a main issue for customer satisfaction and loyalty, especially critical in drive-thru and home delivery operations. As underlined by QSR magazine: "even if a customer receives the food quickly and with great customer service, if it's the wrong order, he or she will most likely remember the experience for its inaccuracy more so than its speed or friendliness."
At Veovox we have been closely cooperating with QSR restaurants and solutions vendors in order to develop innovative solutions to optimize the drive-thru operations.
Our solution for order preparation&assembly can help save precious time at the delivery window (10-20 seconds per order) and reduce dramatically errors (can be divided by 10). Saving a few seconds at the delivery window could increase restaurant revenue of 10% and more.


Staff are equipped with our mobile system (smartphone & headset):
It is also possible to use the application without the need of a headset with our industrial smart speaker AudioBox.


strong reduction
of errors

faster order



less stress

visualization of the order preparation status in real time

  • makes work organization easier
  • who is doing what and what remains to do
  • bottlenecks identification to quickly reallocate resources
  • products shortage, parked products

orders self verification

  • no more verification is needed by additional staff members
  • each bag comes with a ticket (products list, staff member name)

voice activated actions

  • you only have to speak to park or cancel a product, to print a ticket, ...
  • streamlines the order preparation process

statistics & indicators for decision-making

  • rush average delivery time, real delivery time per car, parked products, records to beat
  • staff training level, correct use of voice commands, recordings quality