improve accuracy and speed up order delivery

Discover the most intuitive, accurate and fastest way to process customer orders in restaurants: with Veovox communication and speech recognition AI technology staff need only to speak to take orders, communicate when products are ready in the kitchen, inform about the products they are picking up for delivery, give instructions to print tickets and bills or update stocks.

Information is transmitted in real-time to the IT system and displayed on monitors at the front desk and in the kitchen. The order preparation progress is then visible at any time. This makes work easier and less stressful.
Our unique communication and speech recognition solutions help restaurants deliver orders faster and with fewer errors, resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction.
Veovox solutions are designed to be integrated into IT systems and devices for the Restaurant industry, including Point of Sale (POS), Kitchen Display System (KDS), Customer Ordering Station (COD), Content Management Systems (CMS), drive-thru optimization tools, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
We have been closely cooperating with franchisees of a leading QSR brand and QSR solutions vendors to develop unique productivity tools that help optimize the order processing cycle in QSR restaurants, including drive-thru operations.


order preparation in QSR restaurants

Staff equipped with a headset say the names of the products they are picking up for delivery. The order preparation progress is immediately updated on the monitors and remaining products to be prepared are easily visible.

order preparation in the kitchen

Staff in the kitchen only have to speak to communicate that a dish is being prepared, that it is ready or unavailable. All these operations can be done hands-free, without the need to press buttons on bump bars or touch screens.
The order preparation progress is visible at any time on the Kitchen Display System (KDS).

order taking in QSR restaurants

Staff use our headset or AudioBox to speak the products ordered by the customer.
Our solution integrated with the POS allows to save precious time, especially during rush hours: while staff are taking orders "handsfree" by just speaking they are able to pick up food and drink items to deliver to the customer. The system can also be used to take orders in waiting lines.

restaurant intercommunication

Communication is key for the efficiency of operations in QSR restaurants.
Our industrial smart speaker AudioBox embedded in Customer Ordering station (COD) allows crystal clear communication with your customer at the drive-thru.
With our solution staff can establish communication with customers and other team members through speech recognition and trigger actions with their voice.

order taking in full service restaurants

Waiters and waitresses equipped with Veovox mobile system take orders tableside by just speaking.
Orders are automatically transmitted in real-time to the IT system and processed in the kitchen.

stock management

Staff in charge of stock and inventory management (products delivery, daily dispatching of products, unsold  inventory, …) simply have to speak to communicate the required actions (list of products to move from one location to another, remaining quantity, missing products, …).
Manu, Restaurant Manager
Speech recognition helped us to become more efficient at the drive thru by improving the accuracy and speed of the service.
It has allowed us to increase the turnover and the customer loyalty"
Nesrine, Team Manager
Just at a glance, I know what I have to do and what my colleagues are doing.
Our daily job is easier and more pleasant"
Aziz, Assistant Manager
Our customers congratulate us for our speed of service and overall for our accuracy: they don't check their orders anymore"


less errors

faster order



less stress

Solutions for QSR & Drive-Thru Optimization

Veovox Smart Communication System (SCS) platform offers a unique suite of tools, including intercommunication system and speech recognition AI technology, to streamline the order processing cycle in QSR restaurants.
Key features & components:
  • modular components and solutions designed for the challenging environment of restaurant operations: very noisy, variability of users accents, special vocabulary (brand names, abreviations, ...)
  • speech recognition applications for order taking, kitchen production, order assembly/packing and delivery
  • Veovox AudioBox smart speaker & VEOHM100 ultra-light headset
  • designed for seamless integration with POS, KDS, CMS, drive-thru optimization tools, gamification, ...

Better Communication + Easier Work Organization + Information in Real Time


Our solution for order preparation&assembly can help save precious time at the delivery window (10-20 seconds per order) and reduce dramatically errors (can be divided by 10)

smart communication system


drive-thru audio smart speaker