innovative communication & speech recognition AI solutions for challenging environments

At Veovox, we are innovating to develop communication and speech recognition AI solutions adapted to the requirements of operations in noisy environments.
Our solutions include software and audio devices that have been especially designed to be integreted into business solutions for the Foodservice & Retail industries: Point of Sale (POS), Kitchen Display System (KDS), Customer Ordering Station (COD), Content Management Systems (CMS), drive-thru optimization tools, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Our technology offers a high embedded computing power made up of various CPU and GPU cores (ARMs, DSPs, PRUs, …), a range of connectivity options, making it suitable for high performance processing needs at the source for a wide range of applications in challenging environments. These characteristics make it also well suited for applications in other industries such as:

Veovox patents on speech recognition & audio systems for the noisy environments of QSR restaurants and drive-thru

Veovox owns several patents in the areas of speech recognition, microphone-array, audio processing, and order processing for use in restaurants, including QSR drive-thru, retail and other industries.


Our unique speech recognition AI technology has been specially designed for highly demanding environments such as the Foodservice industry:
With Veovox technology speech recognition is done locally and do not require internet access with the benefits of higher data security and operations reliability in real-time.
Veovox speech recognition engine is the perfect solution to enter data and trigger actions by just speaking in very noisy environments.
To meet the requirements of other operations our smart communication platform (SCS) integrates also other third party speech recognition engines such as Google and Microsoft and can integrate conversational AI solutions.


Veovox voice solutions incorporate state of the art audio processing technologies to offer clear communication even in very noisy environments: