keep stock up to date easily

Restaurants and stores need to be able to quickly and easily manage their stocks: inventory, products delivery, daily dispatching of products, unsold products, …
Current solutions for stock management in the Foodservice industry require users to select the products through endless lists (on paper, tablet or smartphone screens) and to enter quantities and units. In the case of products with barcode labels, users have to pick up each product and find the code to scan and then to manually enter quantity and units. In summary: complex handling, tedious and time consuming tasks for users. 
Veovox streamlines stock and inventory management by allowing data entry by just speaking. Our solution eases operations for users and thus reinforce good practices to anticipate products shortage.
In some cases, a multi-modal approach which includes both speech recognition and barcode readings may be the most appropriate solution to implement.


  • - "10 orange juice 33, 20 mineral water 25, 10 Sprite 33"
  • - "move from warehouse 1", "to swimming pool bar"


faster operations

easier operations

better control of stock